Softeam provides its services as Consultancy missions or through in-house Software Development.

In case of Consultancy activity, normally, the Customer requires Softeam, maybe within a predefined Service Contract, the ability to provide project resources with specific profiles both in terms of skill and responsibility level.

These project resources, within timeframes and conditions jointly defined, will take part in the creation of development team with internal Customer resources either within the Customer site or within Softeam.

This means that Softeam resources:
  • must, whenever required, operate within the methodology standards defined by the Customer;
  • will join project teams eventually already present within the Customer and so must be able to quickly and efficiently integrate with the Customer organization;
  • will be required to undertake responsibility levels defined by the Customer.

Softeam works within these constraints from many years now with major Companies in Telecommunications, Financial Services, Banking and Manufacturing.


As an alternative to Consultancy, very often Customers require turn-key Software applications development. Customers want to define a 'closed price' for an application of which they are able to provide complete functional requirements.

The creation of a Functional Analysis document, which has to be considered as a reference for cost evaluation, may be done directly by the Customer or may be commissioned as a preliminary for the project.

Given the Functional Analysis specs, Softeam may submit to the Customer a complete and 'closed cost' proposal which will be considered as mandatory for each counterparts.

Development is done by means of Softeam resources, comprising Software and hardware development platforms besides the test environment.

Softeam has developed turn-key projects for Companies operating in the field of Telecommunications, Financial and Banking Services, Manufacturing.


Being at the edge of the information technology evolution requires continuous funding, a great part of which is finalized to the training of the team responsible for the management of the Company Information System.

When this is not part of the Company core business, it may be interesting to delegate the management of the Information System to a specialized external entity. This activity is normally identified with the term 'outsourcing'.

The Customer assign to an external entity the task to manage at best its own Information System, within a predefined money budget.

Softeam, thanks to the technological competences acquired and to the system skill of its resources, implements outsourcing services for medium-large sized industrial entities, in particular in the area of manufacturing.