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Skills. Expertise. Character

Softeam is a historical reality, born between the lake and the mountains of Lecco.
People are the secret ingredient of more than 38 years of success.
Cultivating talents that can enrich the realities with which we collaborate is among our priorities: a team of capable people, brilliant minds that combine deep knowledge and expertise on technologies with great human value.


We are the perfect allies to meet the challenges of digital transformation
We take on our clients’ challenges, together we find concrete, innovative and bold solutions. We like to explore unknown territories; we are open to new things. We have brilliant and curious minds. We find simple solutions to complex problems.


We are curious and always looking to the future, guided by experience and the desire to grow
We are athletes, runners, climbers, cooks, musicians, singers, actors, world hide-and-seek champions, artists, photographers, and dancers. Our passions and talents make us complete professionals.


We are fair and loyal, working with seriousness and respect for customers and colleagues
We always strive to do the right thing. Transparency to clients and colleagues is imperative. We are committed to finding solid and long-lasting solutions; we offer clients all the tools to grow with us.


We make a difference with our thoughts and actions
We want to make a difference in our local area through the talents of our people. We respect work-life balance. We propose ourselves as an innovative and open reality where you can experience and grow your potential.


Each of us is unique
What matters to us is the competence and talent of the people who come into the company and nothing else; every uniqueness is an opportunity for enrichment.
It is crucial to us that the environment where much of the day is spent is inclusive and without prejudice, with full respect for every human being.

Our solutions do not end there

Talk to us and we will adapt them to your requests!

CEO | Head of R&D

Roberto Gattinoni

I am fascinated by the talent of the people around me who, without knowing it, remind me every day how much of our success is credit to them.

Vice President | Head of Manufacturing

Paolo Vanini

Availability, Competence, Lean Thinking, Attention to the customer based on a logic of Problem Solving with an eye always turned to the future!

Vice President | Head of Quality Assurance

Mario Balzaretti

I make my own an Aboriginal saying that among other things reads "...Our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love...." Softeam provides me with a privileged observation point every day and an opportunity to grow by comparing myself with the work of all those who are part of it.

Head of Administration Office

Annalisa Gattinoni

Numbers for me are the elements of a puzzle with perfect fits. I study and analyze the present to have the elements that allow us to look far ahead!

Head of Industrial Automation Software

Luca Gattinoni

I love IT and automation; I like to see the gears moving and to touch the fruit of my thoughts with my hands. I put passion and determination into everything I do.

Head of Customer Service - Helios

Lorenzo Aldeghi

Listening to needs and dialogue: every day I offer companies the best possible experience by translating operational processes into new digital capabilities. The image the customer has of us is our greatest asset!

Head of Software Development - Helios

Mario Arosio

Accurate and detail oriented, I like challenges and always seek out points of view different from my own, I consider them enriching: the exchange of ideas is the most important stage in software design.

Head of IT Infrastructure

Andrea Stefano Corti

IT security, protocols, infrastructure: these (and many others) are my aces up my sleeve. I support clients and colleagues with dedication and care so that every application runs perfectly.

Head of Special Projects Development

Nicola Dardano

Like the coach of a great team, my job is to guide the growth process of young colleagues and innovative new projects that have in common the desire to evolve and leave a mark.

Head of HR & Talent Acquisition

Greta Ferrara

People come first, always. This is at the heart of my work: listening to colleagues' stories and needs helps me understand the needs and skills to develop and share.

Head of Fintech Platforms Development

Marco Gargantini

Like an orchestra conductor, I lead teams of experts in the fintech world. Enabling each person to reach his or her full potential, to provide clients with excellent service, is my main goal.

Head of Sales - Software Products

Michele Lafranconi

I like to team up with the client, finding the best solutions for them is my main mission. Enthusiasm and passion are the aces up my sleeve!

Head of Customer Service - Lyra

Davide Licini

I like to team up with the client, finding the best solutions for them is my main mission. Enthusiasm and passion are the aces up my sleeve!

Head of Marketing & Communication

Federica Riva

Highlighting the best version of Softeam is my priority. Recognizing market needs and turning them into value propositions is the challenge that drives me to always give my best.

Head of Software Products Development

Riccardo Sabadini

Technology has always been a great passion of mine. I lead teams of developers capable of bringing innovative ideas to life, together we design new applications that simplify work and create value for our clients.

Head of Software Development - Lyra

Davide Tentori

In love with Software Development and new technologies. For over 20 years, I have dedicated myself to the design and development of new applications with determination and commitment to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.


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