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Lyra - CRM, Sales & Service Management

The customer at the center of your business

Lyra software: CRM, service, sales in a unified solution.

Lyra is a suite of application modules that allows you to manage your entire customer relationship, from prospecting to post-sales.

With the capabilities of Lyra software, you build an organic repository of information and gain a substantial competitive advantage. You will be able to speed up laborious operations such as setting up a sales offer, cut down error margins in pricing and services, and ensure the network of agents a valuable support in customer communication.

Lyra CRM, Sales, and Service Management is a management solution with high sector specialization: modulated on the needs of B2B for machines and plants with complex bills of materials, it offers the right tools to organize their workflows both in the negotiation phase and in the delivery of after-sales services.

You can configure Lyra either offline or in the cloud or for web browser access: whatever the deployment, the software will enable you to coordinate CRM, service, sales, and other areas of your business much more effectively.

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Lyra CRM & Sales

For marketing and sales professionals

Lyra CRM is your single source of truth for everything related to customer portfolios. With tools such as the automated product configurator, it also gives you an important plus for high-complexity markets such as machine tools, thanks to which you can eliminate errors and inaccuracies from sales negotiations.

Lyra Service Management

For customer care and after-sales

Lyra software is the organizational hub of support services. It increases the efficiency rate in ticketing and technical intervention management, communicates with maintenance 4.0 tools such as our Orquestra to detect machinery malfunctions in a timely manner, and streamlines administrative procedures for accounting or certifying maintenance performed.

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