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Nexum - Maintenance Management Software

The ideal solution for truly 4.0 maintenance management

Nexum is more than maintenance management software: it is a gateway, a link between applications that, in perfect adherence to the Industry 4.0 paradigm, enables more agile manufacturer/customer communication and thus more efficient service. Specifically, Nexum acts as a bridge between the data collected by our Production 4.0 management software, Orquestra, and those contained in the Lyra CRM, which instead deals with ticketing and support services as well as Customer Relationship Management.

Nexum Gateway thus enables a faster and more satisfactory data flow, which makes machine maintenance operations more efficient. A software that works for preventive maintenance, but also for managing unexpected critical issues through more immediate customer service procedures. In fact, the Orquestra-Nexum-Lyra triangulation makes it possible to open a service ticket in real time, from the edge of the machine, in case of operating anomalies. At the same time, it makes it possible to schedule and manage planned maintenance operations more precisely, if necessary facilitating the direct intervention of technicians both remotely and on site.

  • Do you want to optimize time, cost and results of maintenance interventions on your machinery and improve its efficiency conditions?
  • Do you want to intervene faster on your own production machinery, even remotely accessing crucial performance data and enabling truly cost-efficient technical support?
  • Do you want to enable a fully integrated and 4.0 industrial maintenance software system in which your machinery is used to the best of its ability?

The benefits of maintenance software 4.0

Nexum Gateway improves the entire maintenance management system, routine and extraordinary, because it enables effective communication between Softeam applications.

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Nexum - Maintenance Management Software

The concrete benefits for your business

Through Nexum Gateway, you can ensure even more efficiency for your machines, improve their OEE, and elevate the Service Level Agreement to customers.

Customer Service

By integrating with Orquestra and Lyra, Nexum primarily improves the quality of your customer service. In fact, it speeds up the timing of troubleshooting and the timing of changing defective or worn-out components of your equipment. It also makes the ticketing service more transparent and effective, which can be activated directly from the machinery, and allows you to better manage preventive maintenance operations by scheduling on-site and remote interventions.

Maintenance Scheduling

With Nexum Gateway you improve your ability to intervene and support machinery not only in case of unexpected problems or other anomalies, but also in managing routine maintenance. From the on-board dashboard, operators can in fact not only request direct assistance, but also access a calendar of scheduled maintenance operations, those to be carried out periodically to maintain the correct state of efficiency of the machinery.

Automation of Procedures

By enabling more agile communication at the plant floor level, Nexum also makes it possible to automate important steps in maintenance-related procedures. This is done because the program creates a direct connection between the machinery, those who use it, and those who provide technical support. When Orquestra, monitoring the operation of machinery, detects an anomaly and triggers an alert, it can then be automatically transmitted to technical support where, through Lyra, the report will be linked to the customer.

Remote Interventions

Nexum acts as a gateway, and in this way also facilitates the execution of remote maintenance interventions. This procedure, which follows all the necessary security and privacy protocols, helps you resolve any equipment malfunctions in a short time, limiting on-site assistance to cases where it is actually essential. Your customers can still, if they deem it necessary, request on-site assistance always by activating the procedure directly from the machine dashboard.

Nexum - Maintenance Management Software

Orquestra - Nexum - Lyra:
a communication that works

Nexum Gateway creates direct communication between our two 4.0 applications, Orquestra and Lyra: maintenance operations are thus streamlined as follows.

  • Anomaly detection

    The machines connected to the IIoT Data manager Orquestra are monitored in real time. Orquestra monitors the efficiency status of the machinery and how tasks are being executed. In case of anomalies, deviations from the norm or actual failures, Orquestra automatically triggers an alert. At this point, Nexum Gateway steps in to expedite the technical intervention procedure.

  • Data transmission

    Nexum Gateway allows reporting to be managed directly from the machine: with a simple click, the operator opens a service ticket on Lyra, specifying the nature of the request and adding the necessary information. The agility of the data flow allows the ticket to be handled more quickly and the data needed to act to be immediately available.

  • Sending Request

    The submission of the report is then done from the dashboard of the machine, where the interface can communicate directly with Lyra. No email, phone call or other operation for a procedure that can thus be activated and completed more smoothly. Same methods follow for service requests for operations other than faults and anomalies, for example, requesting an on-site intervention.

  • Request integration

    In addition to the alert activated by default by Orquestra in case of ascertained faults, the machine operator can actively manage a service request by accessing the appropriate reporting space from the software interface. He can thus specify the nature of the request by adding photos or videos to the report, request the exchange of defective parts, or plan for other customer service operations.

  • Intervention

    The request is taken over directly from Lyra, where all the information entered from the machine is uploaded and, through the machine’s serial number, the request is associated with the customer. At this point, the support team will have all the elements available to analyze the situation and decide on the most appropriate method of intervention for the nature of the ticket.

  • Resolution

    With this effective triangulation you can resolve customer reports in a short time and with maximum accuracy. By perfecting the data flow between the two applications, Orquestra and Lyra, Nexum thus allows you to improve the management of extraordinary maintenance as well as ordinary maintenance. Not only that, but it also improves customer communication and the quality of use of your production machinery.