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Aries - Salesforce automation

Digitalisation of the sales network made simple

Aries software is our solution for improving the work of sales agents and achieving full operational control of your sales network.
Thanks to Aries, you can streamline the entire sales process and create a digital, traceable, and agile workflow with the potential to boost salesforce performance.
All this with a simple but comprehensive application, designed by Softeam to solve the most common bottlenecks in salesforce activities. By digitising order management and speeding up order transmission, enabling mobile-friendly and device-neutral access to catalogues and customer data, you ensure a better quality of work for your network of sales agents.
Available in both web-based and mobile versions, it is fully integrated into your ecosystem because it is compatible with the main business management software (and, naturally, with Softeam ERPs and CRMs as well), Aries is the link you need between your field agents and your office.
A workforce automation application that concretely improves the work of your sales network, your sales results and your company’s competitiveness.

  • Do you want to dematerialise your company’s commercial procedures, reducing management costs and ensuring fast and secure access to data?
  • Do you want to streamline order entry procedures for agents, reducing errors and inaccuracies and improving the quality of their work?
  • Do you want to increase your sales visibility, facilitating real-time consultation of orders in progress and key negotiation parameters?

The benefits of Aries for salesforce operational management

How Aries software applies the logic of salesforce automation to the operational management of your sales network

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Aries - Software Automation

The benefits for your business

How Aries software can improve your sales processes, give you a competitive advantage and facilitate full document dematerialisation in your business

Salesforce Process Automation

By digitalising important salesforce activities, Aries streamlines the entire sales management cycle with a cascading effect. In addition, it reduces the share of time-consuming operations for your agents, making it easier to retrieve data on sold products or customer status, and automating error-prone steps such as order compilation and order routing. Thus, enabling salesforce automation that can be a competitive advantage for your company.

Customer Service Quality

If the sales process is conducted more promptly and accurately, you will also improve in terms of customer service quality. With Aries software, orders are transmitted and immediately integrated into the preparation and dispatch workflow, reducing the time but also the inconvenience of manual or otherwise disorganised transmission. Furthermore, with access to catalogues, agents can formulate more timely and up-to-date business proposals.

Processing Time and Costs

Aries software enables you to cut the costs of compiling and printing administrative and sales documents. With mobile access, you can enable real document dematerialisation for your sales department by creating, editing, and archiving all files directly in a virtual repository. In this way you can reduce significant management costs and, by working in a natively digital manner, ensure tighter order processing times.

Business Network Performance

With Aries software you offer your agents a valuable operational tool, which can significantly improve the quality of their work. By enabling full productivity from a device and reducing the time they have to spend filling in notes and documents, you free up time and resources that can be directed to tasks with real added value: sales, customer service. In this way you also improve the quality of the relationship you offer your sales network, as well as its performance in terms of turnover.

Aries - Automation Software

Main Features

Aries software is an essential workforce automation tool.
As such, it facilitates the work of sales agents and sales managers by offering important features, such as those listed below.

  • Advanced search and selection

    Search masks and filters allow sales agents to quickly view the data they need, whether it is a customer name, the details of an order or other information pertaining to the sales flow. This also speeds up the work of pre-checking and then filling orders.

  • Electronic signature

    Aries software natively supports digital signing procedures: both agents and customers involved can sign their documents in an agile manner and in compliance with all privacy and personal data processing policies. By enabling electronic signatures, Aries helps you create orders and other documentation in a natively digital manner.

  • Management integration

    Aries communicates seamlessly with the main business management software: this means that an order transmitted by our application can be automatically validated and then uploaded to the ERP and/or CRM in use in your company. In this way, Aries software eliminates the need for manual transmission or duplication of forms and documents.

  • Real-time uploading

    In Aries software, you always have the commercial flow under control. Transmission of orders by sales agents takes place in real time, and the completed and signed document is immediately made available for processing by other departments and corporate functions. A significant advantage thanks to which you can considerably reduce the time required to prepare an order.

  • Fast device-server synchronisation

    With a simple click you automatically update the status of your orders, allowing you to view them even in the office, thanks to the synchronisation between the device and the web server. A feature that helps you not only transmit information, but also receive updates on, for example, the status of an order or the availability of a product.

  • Device neutrality

    You can access Aries according to your needs. The application is available in a web-based version, with access from a browser, or a mobile version, i.e., with the installation of the relevant app on a tablet or smartphone. The app is compatible with both Android and other OS. Finally, you can also use Aries when you are offline, working when there is no connection and then synchronising the data when the signal is restored.