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Hola! - Guest Management Software

Practical and user-friendly: the ideal software for managing company visits

Optimize the time available to consultants, clients and other guests of your company with Hola!, our visitor registration software. You will be able to complete entry and exit procedures in just a few clicks through a completely paper-free application that is easy to use for users and those administering it from the back office.

In fact, Hola! is a visitor registration app that allows you to receive your access badge to company spaces in just a few steps. Just follow the program’s instructions from special totems placed at the entrance and register with a simple scan of the QR code.

The simplicity of visitor entry management in no way compromises the precision of controls or the accuracy of the entry log: in fact, entry, stay and exit data remain conveniently accessible from the back-office interface. Managing the visits of clients, consultants and other guests becomes more practical and efficient with Hola!: you will be able to keep track of entrances and exits without resorting to elaborate procedures. Your guests will thus be able to use every moment of their time with you, without wasting time (and patience) getting visitor badges.

  • Do you want to simplify your business visit registration procedures without compromising the security or privacy of your visitors?
  • Do you want to eliminate paper copies and reduce the time it takes to complete entry registration by adopting a fully electronic and virtually paper-free procedure?
  • Do you want to offer company visitors your best welcome message with a truly smart entry/exit registration procedure?

Hola!: a good start to company visits

It is a great place to start, but that’s not all: Hola! is also, and more importantly, a guest management software (clients, consultants, or just visitors) that helps improve your company’s efficiency.

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HOLA! - Guest Management Software

Why Hola! improves entry registration procedures

Hola! is simple yet effective: most importantly, it succeeds in eliminating the critical issues of a potentially time-consuming activity such as visitors’ entry management

Procedural simplicity

A simple digital interface to interact with from a totem is all your guests need to complete the registration process. No sheets to fill out, documentation to transcribe in pen, or other tasks: just scan a QR code, or manually enter a few pieces of information (for unbooked visits), and you will get the badge needed to access company premises.

Compliance with regulations

Hola! is an application with simple operation, but nevertheless it guarantees you full compliance with provisions and regulations: on the protection of personal data and compliance with company policies. While in the former case the visitor management app stores data in compliance with privacy regulations, in the latter an explicit clause binds access to the premises to the acknowledgement of your company’s internal regulations.

Data management

Thanks to Hola! you can count on a neat and comprehensive visitors record, within which data are organized without that share of error and redundancy common in paper-based management. Thus, you access the information you need for entry and exit control in just a few clicks, and you can filter it to display, for example, the frequency of access, the duration of a visit, or more.

Record keeping

Instead of a paper register, which is more prone to deterioration (and cumbersome), with Hola! you get a simple electronic file to use through an app. Admin-side access to Hola! is properly profiled to protect data from prying eyes, but its use remains agile and user-friendly. The register remains unaltered over time, and the app is extremely lightweight. The benefits of document dematerialization.

HOLA! - Guest Management Software

The Main Features

The strengths of our visitor management application, and the most interesting features from both user and administrator perspectives.

  • Data entry

    The Hola! interface is designed to record your guests’ data either by scanning a QR Code, in the case of already scheduled visits, or by filling in essential identifying data. The user can enter this information directly via touch screen on the multimedia totems at the entrance of the company. A procedure that is completed in each case with just a few clicks.

  • Language choice and settings

    You can, of course, decide what language your guests will view the Hola! interface instructions in, and record the data entered in the corresponding language. You can also change other settings of our application, for example, specifying what type of badges you will need to produce or otherwise configuring the program’s functionality to suit your needs.

  • User experience

    Hola! focuses on usability not only on the user side, but also in administrative operations. Its interface is simple buthighly customizable, and the operations to be performed remain clear and well laid out. This is as true for guests who need to interact on multimedia totems as it is for back-office staff who need to print badges or monitor visits.

  • Administration

    The visitor log kept in Hola! is quickly accessible from the program’s admin interface, and you can perform various operations within it. In fact, from the admin panel you can view personal data, reason, time, duration of visits (and, of course, whether the visit is still in progress), and you can perform searches or other checks using menu commands.

  • Statistics

    From the administration panel you can run audits on company accesses as well, to retrieve individual data or overall elements for further investigation. For example, you can highlight the busiest times at the company premises, or the average time visitors stay, or even retrieve the date and time of a certain consultant’s visit by performing a search by name, and much more.

  • Integration

    Hola! also works so well because it integrates effectively into your ecosystem. It is designed to be installed as a visit registration app inside multimedia totems placed at the entrance of your company. In addition, it can communicate effectively with other applications in your management system and thus enable effective synergies in the transmission of data and information.