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Helios - ERP e MES

Integrated and efficient management with one software. For SMEs and beyond

Helios software is our solution for the agile management of the production cycle and all business processes. Through a modular solution, easily integrated with applications of the Softeam ecosystem or third-party software, Helios system is the right key to achieve important results, from efficient accounting to the control of time, costs, and production dynamics.

Our software is designed to streamline all the activities your company is involved in. Thus, Helios ERP and MES modules allow you to manage warehouse practices, streamline the active and passive cycle, enable fully digital accounting, and more.

Flexibility is, in fact, a key feature of Helios. The programme was born with a decided specialisation in the food and metal sectors but can be customised and adapted to any vertical with the support and expert advice from our team.

Particularly suitable for small and medium-sized companies looking for a simple but complete business management solution that can be effectively adapted to other contexts, Helios ERP & MES has been successfully tested by many companies over the last three decades: its wide diffusion has made it progressively more solid, functional, and competitive.

Thanks to Helios software, today you can build a unified management system from which you can control the overall performance and operational details in your company, solve bottlenecks in workflows, improve profitability and define integrated processes with high visibility.

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Helios ERP

For business management

Our ERP is the ideal tool for building highly efficient workflows involving multiple business functions, from warehouse to sales to administration, reducing error margins and improving cooperation between departments. A multi-language, multi-company ERP, simple but with all the functionality you need to make your business more efficient.

Helios MES

For production control

The MES module guarantees you a 360° management of the production cycle: you can activate strict quality controls, follow each step of the manufacturing process, monitor equipment performance and status, and easily follow the most complex bills of materials. Helios MES is also able to process machine data either by interacting with their PLCs or by communicating with IIoT systems such as our Orquestra.

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