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IIoT Data Manager

The Data Management Platform to Build Tomorrow's Smart Factory Today

Go beyond conventional IoT platforms to offer companies a modern, comprehensive data management platform that truly enhances business productivity through advanced features and a user-friendly interface. With Orquestra IIoT Data Manager, data management platforms enter a new dimension to convey information across all enterprise applications like never before. One control room for machines and devices with different technologies.

Orquestra is a unified control center that captures process data automatically to provide the company with an up-to-date, intuitive, and usable production overview.

From configuration to collection, analysis to postprocessing, dashboarding and monitoring. Orquestra grows with the company’s business thanks to a series of modules that can be implemented at any time, making the system fully scalable.

In this way, the IIoT Data Platform developed by Softeam revolutionizes the production process towards efficiency, creating today an ecosystem for tomorrow’s factory. Welcome to the era of the Smart Factory.

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All the possibilities of a modern IIoT Data Platform

Orquestra organizes, collects and transmits data using multiple communication protocols, and in this way creates a true 4.0 ecosystem, in which the machines can communicate with each other, in the field and with the upper management levels. The list of protocols through which Orquestra can communicate includes:

  • OPC-UA
  • Modbus
  • MQTT
  • MTConnect
  • OPC-DA
  • EtherNet/IP
  • .CSV and other text files
  • Dati in DB (MSSQL, MySQL…)
  • API
  • Siemens S7
  • Mitsubishi
  • Safan Darley
  • Ewon DataMailbox
  • Azure IIoT Hub
  • Siemens MindSphere connector
  • Connettori Custom

Furthermore, Orquestra allows the collected data to be brought to the MindSphere Siemens platform as well. Thanks to Softeam, you can thus manage all the services that the powerful Siemens “IoT-as-a-service” solution makes available, and use them to optimize operations, create better quality products and implement new business models.

Orquestra - IIoT Data Manager

End User

An innovative Data Platform Management for data collection that interfaces with the field and conveys information to all enterprise applications (including those with different technologies) to optimize enterprise production processes and transform data into high value-added information.

Orquestra - IIoT Data Manager


The Data Manager Platform developed expressly for companies that want to offer their customers an advanced data collection and analysis system natively integrated with their machines. An innovative platform that is scalable and customizable in a fast and cost-effective way.

Discover all the potential of Orquestra IIOT Data Manager

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