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We develop our software with a clear understanding of the manufacturing 4.0 paradigms, which we adopt to fine-tune concrete solutions to the critical issues that companies in your industry face, today and in the near future.

Our proposal for manufacturing is aimed at the effective management of IIoT environments, as well as integrated plant floor control with MES-type systems. With our IIoT Data Manager Orquestra we offer a comprehensive program to control production cycles in complex 4.0 environments. Orquestra is a data management software capable of extracting value from next-generation machinery by organizing its data flows without being overwhelmed by them, but rather exploiting their full potential. It improves processing efficiency and OEE of machines and develops concrete synergies between plant and shop floor.

Still in the spirit of integration between business workflows, Helios represents our idea of ERP software: a centralized and highly efficient system that also includes an advanced MES-type production management module. Helios helps you build a fully integrated business ecosystem that is easier to read and control. It helps you, too, to monitor the progress of processing and obtain valuable information to optimize and plan production cycles.

OrquestraAn IIoT Data Manager to control everything that happens on IIoT-type plant floors, extracting real value from next-generation interconnected machineryFind out more
HeliosAn integrated, centralized, agile business management system that also includes an MES module for controlling all variables involved in a processing cycleFind out more


The quality of customer support and the ability to anticipate the occurrence of failures and malfunctions are essential requirements for those who manufacture machinery and plants, which are even more important the operation of the equipment. To meet this need, and to ensure that those who manufacture high-complexity machines have adequate tools to support and assist customers, we provide not one but three different software solutions.
They are designed to integrate profitably and ensure proactive maintenance management: you will thus be able to solve even the most complicated problems, and often identify early signs that require attention, and you will in any case be able to speed up the procedures for servicing machinery.

Through Nexum Gateway, in fact, we make our IIoT Data Manager Orquestra communicate directly with the Lyra CRM: in this way, we activate automated procedures in case of machinery malfunction. In these circumstances, you will be able to promptly contact our support team, which will have access, even remotely, to the necessary data to establish a reliable picture of the situation.
Thanks to this triangulation, we are thus able to collect real-time data from the machinery through Orquestra and transmit it, through Nexum, directly to the Lyra Customer Relationship Management system.
We thus improve not only the timing and results of ticketing, but also the efficiency of other maintenance operations, such as requesting spare parts or scheduling an on-site intervention.

Orquestra An IIoT Data Manager that also helps you monitor the efficiency status of machinery, detecting any critical issues in a timely mannerFind out more
Lyra CRM software but not only: it is also a facilitator for all ticketing and service activities, thanks to important process automations and ad hoc functionalitiesFind out more
Nexum The gateway that was missing: it helps you connect the plant floor even more firmly to the outside world, creating agile data flows to manage machinery maintenanceFind out more


Softeam offers you smarter management of sales processes through programs such as Lyra and Aries. The former is CRM software that works great both as a ticketing tool and as an aid to salesforce. With important features to streamline and speed up the contracting phase in highly specialized B2B environments, for example those related to advanced manufacturing.

In this area, thanks to tools such as the automatic configurator and other intelligent sales offer management options, Lyra manages to tangibly improve the productivity and quality of work of your agent network. In fact, the program allows you to control all the details and stages of the commercial offer, providing even those who work on the move an exhaustive picture of the premises, conditions, and current status of the negotiation, and speeding up contracting practices even when these concern demanding purchases such as, precisely, those of machinery and plants.

Your agents can thus provide all the information they need to the customer, who in turn will be able thanks to Lyra to communicate with the company faster.

Softeam’s offering for sales departments does not stop at Lyra but includes a simple but no less functional product: Aries. Designed for tablet use, Aries provides your salesforce with the data it needs to close a business deal with potential or existing customers: stock availability, discounts, promotions, and so on. It also speeds up order fulfilment procedures because it transmits the concluded orders directly to your headquarters, digitally and without copy commissions, thus making their execution easier.

Lyra A comprehensive customer relationship management tool, useful for both sales agents and for managing communications between company and customerFind out more
Aries The agile salesforce automation application, to be used to speed up the order transmission procedures of your agent network and facilitate their work on the moveFind out more

Enterprise Management

We propose agile business operations management tools that through the digitalization of processes build integrated and centralized ecosystems.

In this way we help you cut costs, speed up time, and improve the overall efficiency of your company and that of its individual departments. We also make all relevant business processes better visible and traceable, so that you can consider their strengths and weaknesses and, therefore, better plan your strategies.

We offer you comprehensive management software such as Helios, which takes over and optimizes the crucial areas of operation of your business, whether it is administration purchasing sales or production. Through Helios you can build important cross-departmental communication channels, removing silos and bottlenecks that hinder full efficiency.

With Lyra, on the other hand, we offer you a software for agile management of the relationship between customer and company (or rather, between company, sales agents, and customers) and that also operates as an important efficiency tool.

This is because it makes it easier to access the information that matters, and faster to circulate it among those involved. The result is to offer sales agents an unquestionably useful operational tool, and your customers a more direct and personalized channel of communication.

Finally, Hola! rounds out our offerings with a smart tool for recording company entries. A seemingly minor aspect, yet a cause of delays and complications when not managed properly. Instead, Hola! is an easy, user-friendly application, thanks to which all formalities for the access of visiting guests can be completed in just a few clicks, while at the same time maintaining full control over entry and exit from company premises.

Helios An ERP (plus MES) that fulfils all your integrated business management needs, providing the ideal support for setting up data-driven business strategiesFind out more
Lyra Service management but also salesforce support: all in one application that perfects the triangulation between customer, company and sales networkFind out more
Hola! The best welcome to your guests: a user-friendly, paper-free registration process to be completed directly on digital totems, and managed from a quick and intuitive administration interfaceFind out more
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