Information Technology has a dynamics which no other sector presents. Softeam has decided to master not only the most widespread Software development technologies,but also the most innovative.

Currently operates with the most widespread platforms in the Software field, Consultancy and Development services are available both on the Unix/Linux and Windows environments.

ORACLE, SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite, Informix are some of the RDBMS with which Softeam normally operates thanks to the experience gained in a lot of tens of man/year development.

Java, .NET C#, Ruby, C++, C, VB.NET, Visual Basic are some of the programming languages currently used in the development of Client/Server applications. WPF, Silverlight and Adobe Flex are some of the frameworks currently used for the development of advanced graphical interfaces. In the Web Development area Softeam can use Jsp, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Silverlight, Php, Rails, Python and has the skill to master the most widespread frameworks as Hibernate, ActiveRecord, Struts, MonoRail, SubSonic, EntitySpaces.

We design and develop Software applications for mobile devices, tipically based on Google Android (in Java), or on Apple iOS (iPhone/iPad) in Objective-C, or on Windows Phone in .NET C#/Silverlight. For example one of our products, Aries Mobile, is a Software application for sales order collect developed for Google Android based tablets.
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