It is the brand under which Softeam identifies the laboratory for the Mobile Applications development. Native applications are developed for all mobile platforms ( Apple iPhone / iPad , RIM Blackberry , Window Phone , Google Android ) . More information on the specialist expertise in the design for the ‘mobile area’ can be found at the link MobLab.


It is both complementary applications to our Software Products that the vertical applications in e -banking ( eg . Internet Banking , Corporate Banking , etc . ) , Logistics, orders Collection or even the CRM . Softeam has acquired qualifying experience with popular Application Server on the market ( Oracle IAS , Apache Tomcat , JBoss , WebLogic ) and acquired an in-depth skill with the most ' notes ( J2EE development platforms , ASP.NET , ASP .NET MVC , Rails , Django , PHP ) using Java , .NET, C # , Python , Ruby.


Cloud solution is a choice offered to customers who wish to, totally or partially, abandon their “on-premise” solutions.


Alternatives, and in many cases , complementary to the Web based applications, client server architecture applications grant the highest safety standards. Softeam using this type of solution for its flagship products Lyra and Helios.


Automation is part of our DNA. Movements of storage areas and warehouses, control of production processes, handling simulators for manufacturing companies are just some of the topics faced by Softeam in automation.