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Helios ERP

Data and business processes under control

With Helios ERP you choose an integrated, agile, and simple management system.

The Helios system has a modular structure that makes it easy to match structure and purposes of your company. Among its modules you will find the key features to control all relevant operations: purchasing, sales, accounting, stock movements and more.

Helios software is a compact yet comprehensive ERP that guarantees smart data flows and effective communication with all other applications that make up your IT infrastructure. In combination with the other software in Softeam’s offering, such as Helios MES or the Lyra CRM, it then helps you build important synergies and a truly time- and cost-effective management system.

Helios ERP was created for SMEs in the food industry, later establishing itself as a valid management software for the metal industry as well; today, however, it can cover any vertical and meet the most diverse needs thanks to its flexibility and the support of our development team.

Our software has contributed to the growth of more than one SME, because it has made it possible for them to manage their business processes more efficiently. By providing the support needed for reliable data, streamlined procedures and control of all KPIs, Helios ERP can also help your company evolve in this direction, building its ideal management system.

  • Do you want to unify the management of all business operations, building integrated processes and accessing data faster?
  • Do you want to create a customised management system tailored to your needs and shaped to the concrete needs of your business?
  • Do you want to have a flexible management system that communicates effectively with other applications both in the internal infrastructure and at supply chain level?

The benefits of Helios for business management

Why Helios software improves business process management and access to key data with its ERP

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Helios ERP

The benefits for your business

How Helios ERP can improve your business as a management tool

Time and Costs

Thanks to Helios ERP, you reduce the time you have to spend on ordinary activities, and you can better cope with extraordinary ones. The digitalisation and integration of many processes speeds up the completion of procedures, gives you the flexibility to adapt to market fluctuations and allows you to be more responsive to unforeseen events.


With a unified management like the one offered by our ERP, you can drastically decrease the share of errors and inaccuracies, at all operational levels. In this way, you not only cut down on major expense items, those caused by poorly executed calculations or inaccurate expense forecasts. You can also set up truly data-based strategies to drive growth for your company.


Helios software enables you to take decisive steps towards full digital maturity, a prerequisite for competing successfully today. Digitally-native procedures for invoicing, procurement from suppliers, sales order processing and other key operations help you work with more agility, even at supply chain level.


In Helios ERP you find all the tools you need to increase your competitiveness. Thanks to unified management, you can monitor operations and correct inaccuracies. With multi-language functions you have full operability even in cross-border contexts. The accounting module ensures compliance with regulatory and tax requirements. In other words, you can give your company a leg up on the competition.

Helios ERP

Main Features

Helios software consists of several application modules, which can be assembled in different configurations.
For business management, its ERP offers features such as the following.

  • Active cycle

    Helios ERP manages the entire sales process by channelling information and data into a unified repository, accessible by the various company functions in a simple and secure manner. From the analysis of prospects to the control of all the phases of a sales negotiation, up to the administrative and executive management of orders, delivery notes and invoices, generated natively digitally by the system.

  • Invoicing

    You can achieve full document dematerialisation with electronic invoicing functionalities natively integrated in Helios. Consistently embedded in an accounting management module designed to ensure agile monitoring and accounting of business flows, they also allow you to comply with policies and regulatory obligations, including the esterometer, in just a few clicks.

  • Passive cycle

    Helios ERP is also designed to optimize and track procurement operations. It organises information and communication with suppliers and tracks the entire procurement flow, from the purchase request to quotations, orders, reminders, and acceptance of goods. A dedicated module that speeds up procedures and helps you define more accurate ratings of your procurement sources.

  • Logistics

    Helios software optimises the movement of incoming, in-stock, and outgoing goods by synchronising inventory data even when involving peripheral warehouses. With the functionalities for material assignment and inventory tracking in the field, you ensure faster intralogistics and gain better control over the goods at your disposal.

  • Verticalizations

    The modular structure of the software allows you to add the most appropriate functionalities for the needs of your industry. In this sense, Helios ERP offers specific verticalizations for companies operating in the food and beverage industry, in manufacturing and as subcontractors, but can also be modulated ad hoc in other areas with the support of our development team.

  • Reporting

    You can make Helios software the core of your management infrastructure by building agile data flows and then using the information to create reports and statistics that successfully support your decision-making processes. The flexibility of our ERP also means that you can use it in combination with specific business intelligence solutions to derive valuable insights from data flows.