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Lyra - CRM, Sales and Service Management

The customer at the center of your business

Quality at the service of the customer

Lyra software is, also, a powerful customer service management tool: ticketing, maintenance and customer care are in fact coordinated and integrated in a centralized interface.

From Lyra’s dashboard you can control the entire after-sales activity and thus assign resources for technical interventions, track the evolution of a service ticket, speed up the reporting practices of transfer technicians. That and much more.

By digitizing after-sales processes, you manage to streamline laborious procedures such as those for managing expenses notes and reports, speeding up final statements and invoicing by sending the necessary documents as early as during the transfer. This and other automations in Lyra software thus make support and technical service activities more agile and cost-effective.

By integrating CRM and service management modules, Lyra then builds a detailed overall picture of the relationship between your company and its customers, in which all information about the customer journey is combined.

  • Do you want to manage your company’s customer care activities from a unified dashboard, improving planning, technical team profiling and resource allocation?
  • Do you want to streamline administrative paperwork related to service interventions, digitalizing RITs and speeding up the accounting of interventions?
  • Do you want to improve customer communication by managing different channels from a single interface, up to offering a dedicated customer portal to interact more easily and securely?

The benefits of Lyra for service management

Why Lyra software improves customer care and after-sales services

Govern and manage after-sales in an excellent way

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LYRA - CRM, Sales and Service Management

The benefits to your business

How Lyra can improve your business if you choose its customer care and service management tools

Agile Ticketing Management

Lyra software allows you to consistently organize all communications between you and the customer who requires support and service. Your company gets more effective ticketing management, your customer can get clear answers in a timely manner, and, with the Customer Portal, quick and more confidential interactions.

Simplified Administrative Procedures

From organizing the travel of your technicians to monitoring the services provided to the customer, via the mobile dispatch of intervention reports and expense reports. Lyra software saves you time and money in dealing with laborious and high margin of error paperwork.

Fast On- and Offline Communication

Lyra software has a mobile extension that makes triangulation between customer, technicians, and corporate customer care faster. From the integrated app to our software, technicians can digitally sign their RITs and send them to both offices and the customer, to speed up billing and reporting procedures.

Detailed Profiling of Technical Staff

With a detailed master data module, you manage requests for intervention and control their variables: availability, urgency, but also technicians’ skills and other requirements. For example, in the case of interventions abroad, you can quickly check the regularity of visas and passports required for the trip.

Lyra - Customer Care & Service Management

Key Features

Lyra software is a suite of application modules that you can assemble into different configurations.
In detail, for customer care and after-sales management it offers high-level features such as those listed below.

  • Remote assistance

    The native connection with Acti allows you to perform maintenance work remotely or, if you are a technician on site, receive support from the office or the parent company. The connection is made via smartphone or with the use of smart glasses thanks to which you can directly show what is happening and receive assistance, as well as take advantage of valuable features such as simultaneous translation into your language.

  • Web customer portal

    Lyra Service provides a dedicated portal for customer communication by which you can handle support requests more directly. A tool that offers the recipient of the ticket the ability to access his own information easily and securely and check the progress of his request.

  • Reporting

    Lyra Service offers many useful reporting tools by which you can analyze the performance of your customer care service according to various benchmarks, be it the time to process a ticket or the level of customer satisfaction. You can also define custom KPIs (e.g., a lead time for a given request) against which to evaluate the performance of your customer care team.

  • Dashboard

    Customer care services are integrated in Lyra software with CRM and other business functions. In this way youcontrol your business from a single dashboard: from customer master data, for example, you can view ticket history, technicians assigned to the request, and, through related data, view, and share, again securely, other valuable information for your business.

  • Digital Sign

    The mobile app bundled with Lyra service simplifies the work of mobile maintenance operators by allowing them todigitally sign documents and thus validate RITs, expense reports, and other service activity reports on the move as well. This and other digitized document management features enable you to speed up, standardize and dematerialize important procedures related to customer service.

  • Lyra Expenses

    An ad hoc module to smartly manage reporting related to the execution of away operations. Organized in quickly configurable tables, it simplifies generally complex procedures and minimizes the risk of lost receipts or other contingencies. Finally, it streamlines current expense approval flows and helps you control them by setting ceilings and other constraints.