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Lyra - CRM, Sales and Service Management

The customer at the center of your business

A 360-degree view of the customer

With the features of Lyra software for CRM and Sales you control all stages of a sales negotiation, coordinate more efficiently the activities of your sales agents and share with them all relevant insights on prospects.

Lyra CRM offers you important process automations that speed up communication with the customer and agile analytics tools through which you can identify meaningful patterns to target with targeted marketing activities.

With the automatic product configurator integrated into Lyra software, you can address critical issues at the bidding stage and create business proposals that are more closely aligned to requirements in a highly diversified industry such as complex bill of materials mechanics.

Finally, the data stored and organized in Lyra software repositories create that single source of truth you need tocoordinate the work of different business areas, securely through careful access profiling, and together with maximum efficiency.

  • Do you want to manage end-to-end operations concerning your customers, from pre-purchase to post-sale, working on a unified interface?
  • Do you want to create error-proof procedures and rely on system automations that facilitate the work of your sales agents, even the less experienced ones?
  • Do you want to have faster, more useful and targeted communication to your customers’ needs and thus increase customer satisfaction and expansion of your portfolio?

The benefits of Lyra for CRM and Sales

What Lyra software offers for managing business negotiations and the company-customer relationship

Offer a boost to the sales team

Discover the commercial product configurator with a free demo

LYRA - CRM, Sales and Service Management

The benefits to your business

How Lyra can improve your business if you choose its CRM & sales management tools

Complete visibility into business operations

Using Lyra CRM, you can keep track of the entire course of a negotiation, monitoring each stage. Tools such as Follow-ups help you survey individual activities and organize their progress, while analytical tools give you valuable insights into the likely outcomes of the negotiation.

Standardized procedures and automation

Starting with the automated product configurator and moving on to other process digitization tools, you can significantly streamline the execution of key office and sales management procedures by letting the software work on the more complex, repetitive, and time-consuming tasks.

More speed and accuracy in the writing of proposals

The elimination of data silos and system automations help you reduce errors and inaccuracies throughout the sales process. Moreover, Lyra software is an important aid in conducting the complex negotiations typical of the advanced mechanical and plant engineering industry for less experienced agents.

Agile prospect and customer relationship management

Lyra CRM can track every contact with current and potential customers. This improves communication and marketing activities. It also provides a valuable database for evaluating sales performance, setting budgets and other efficiency constraints, and planning truly data-driven business strategies.

Lyra - CRM & Sales

Key Features

Lyra software is a suite of application modules that you can assemble in different configurations.
For CRM & Sales management, especially, it offers high-level features such as those listed below.

  • Master Data Configuration

    Extensive customization and data visualization options in master data help you keep track of your relationship with prospects and customers. You can flexibly filter and organize information, create customer clusters and groups, and verify interactions between your sales agents and customers by measuring their effectiveness.

  • E-mail marketing

    Lyra CRM offers advanced features for managing marketing campaigns among others with a native connection to Mailchimp. By synchronizing contacts and information with the CRM you can set up e-mail marketing activities in just a few steps and in a targeted manner, then monitor ROI and other KPIs directly from Lyra reports.

  • Follow-Up

    With a system of alerts and notifications, Lyra software supports you in managing daily deadlines, audits of ongoing negotiations or the achievement of certain performance targets. This makes it easier to monitor all stages of the sales funnel, track the work of sales agents and evaluate customer feedback. In addition, Follow-Ups help you better plan and organize your schedule.

  • Document Sharing

    Lyra Docs is a secure document and information sharing tool for agile work outside the office. In fact, with integrated document sharing you can access data and files from any device, search for the information you need with special filters, and publish new documents even on the move. All this while maintaining data security thanks to a strict access profiling system.

  • Quotation

    The automatic product configurator helps you speed up the creation of quotes and offers and prevents errors and inaccuracies with special configuration constraints. You can thus drastically reduce the time needed to conduct a business negotiation, adjust the offer to the customer’s needs without creating different quotes each time, and automatically obtain multilingual documents from a single database.

  • Multilingual capabilities

    Lyra software is designed to meet the needs of companies with an international client portfolio. The commercial configurator and other modules, therefore, support multiple languages and currencies: it is much easier, thus, to manage and create documents in multiple languages (even in alphabets such as Greek or Cyrillic), to generate unlimited multi-currency price lists, and, more generally, to communicate in cross-border contexts.