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IIoT Data Manager

The IIoT platform that redefines the rules of data management

Orquestra IIoT Data Manager is the solution for the evolution of your enterprise into a Data Driven Factory with even greater potential, with which:

  • connect your enterprise’s entire production line
  • overcome the limitations of scheduled maintenance
  • reduce costs and improve business competitiveness

Discover the software data platform that interfaces with the machine field in a quick and comprehensive way to optimize the transfer of information to all enterprise applications.

One control room for many machines: thanks to Orquestra, you can communicate with machines and devices in the field, even if they have different technologies. Compatibility problems? Zero. Softeam’s IIoT data platform unifies the information generated within a standard interface that doesn’t just collect data on machine operation, but ensures you get accurate and timely information to constantly improve the production process.

Benefits of Orquestra - IIoT Manager

Reduce production costs and improve business competitiveness through data. Certain. Real-time. Usable.

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Discover all the features of Orquestra

Orquestra - IIoT Data Manager

The Benefits for Your Business

Don’t just monitor the use of your company’s physical assets if you can have a unique tool that enables you to achieve so much more:

Everything always under control

The platform is fully customizable to your company’s specific needs, and data is also easily accessible remotely, on your smartphone.

User friendly interface

Add new machines or new variables autonomously and quickly thanks to an intuitive interface that is easy to use, but at the same time always ensures that data and information can be deepened.

Get industry 4.0 benefits

Orquestra ensures interconnection with machines according to Industry 4.0 principles, and this ensures that your company can access bonuses and government incentives provided for the digital transformation of the enterprise to Industry 4.0.

Orquestra - IIoT Data Manager

Main Features

Lots of features for a platform that enables advanced data management in the name of intuitiveness and more …

  • Monitoring production trends

    Softeam’s IIoT Platform allows you to visualize and calculate production cycle time to prevent delays. With Orquestra, you will not only always be able to monitor production cycles to avoid problems, but you will also have all the information to constantly optimize them so you can maximize productivity without sacrificing quality.

  • OEE control and optimization

    Is your company really maximizing the potential of its production system? With Orquestra’s calculation of production plant performance indicators and accuracy of the data collected, optimizing your company’s production performance will be even easier and faster.

  • Error and waste analysis

    The system provides real-time reporting of events and critical situations through an alert system and, thanks to the casualization process, ensures waste minimization while maximizing production efficiency.

  • Empowering … Sustainability

    With Orquestra you can enable consumption monitoring to optimize energy efficiency and avoid waste. Because efficiency is not only productive but sustainable, and our platform supports your company in the process of rationalizing energy costs for a greener future.

  • Usability

    An efficient production is only possible with a user-friendly system: for this reason, Orquestra focuses the attention of machine operators on the essential. From an extremely simple web interface, Orquestra delivers the information you really need, allows you to integrate or correct data in just a few steps, and thus enables fast, efficient, and paper-free procedures to keep timing and performance under control, concretely improving your work.