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Orquestra 4OEM

The Data Management Platform always integrated with your machines

Orquestra 4OEM is the version of the IIoT Platform developed specifically to improve the work of machine and plant manufacturers.
Here’s how.

  • One of the few data collection and analysis platforms on the market natively integrated with your machines
  • Automatic management of events and production progress, saving customers time and simplifying manufacturers’ work
  • An IIoT Data Platform that revolutionizes maintenance and after-sales services in the name of efficiency

The Benefits for Your Business

Orquestra simplifies the work of machine and plant manufacturers through:

... and for your customers

And it improves the work of end customers by enabling truly usable data for higher and controlled performance.

Do you want more information?

Learn about all the features of Orquestra 4 OEM for machine manufacturers

Orquestra 4 OEM

Key Features

The Orquestra 4 OEM IIoT Platform not only allows you to request interventions or spare parts from the machine and remote assistance but can do much more …

Local data recovery and saving

With Orquestra’s installation on an industrial PC facilitating possible integration with MES and ERP at the customer site, data retrieval and saving will always be secured. Because if it is true that data is the fuel that makes your business run, protecting it today is more crucial than ever.

Detection of alarms related to the production process

Orquestra is always connected with the field and allows the management of configurable thresholds, criticality of pre-alarm machines and actual/theoretical machine cycle delta above a settable threshold. In this way, the production process will always be under control and any anomaly will be detected in real time and resolved in the shortest possible time. How? Let’s find out in the next point …

Nexum gateway: IIot 4 smart maintenance

Nexum Gateway: IIoT 4 Smart Maintenance is the module that connects the Orquestra 4OEM data manager platform with the Lyra Softeam CRM. As soon as anomalies emerge and maintenance is needed, an alert will appear on the dashboard at the machine and the operator can automatically send a request to Lyra and open a service ticket with a simple click. Easier and faster than that …

The new dimension of after-sales

Address all after-sales issues in a more advanced and effective way. From Maintenance Services to technical support, from service requests (including from onboard the machine) to warranty contracts to spare parts procurement and management. Today, as machine manufacturers are called upon to ensure increasingly efficient and timely support services, Orquestra 4OEM is the perfect tool to turn after-sales services into a plus for your machines.

Siemens MindSphere connector

Orquestra enables you to bring data collected in the field to the Siemens MindSphere platform and manage all the services that the platform provides. In this way, with Softeam’s platform you can leverage Siemens’ powerful IoT-as-a-Service solution to optimize operations, create better quality products, and implement new business models.

Auto on-boarding functionality

Orquestra is one of the few platforms on the market that automatically recognizes new machines and integrates them into the enterprise ecosystem quickly. User friendly in its user interface, but also in its philosophy.

Orquestra 4OEM

7 steps for total configuration

Setting up a Data Management Platform has never been easier: Orquestra’s set up involves only 7 steps:

  • Choice and eventual configuration of communication protocols
  • Creating the Assets: the code and a few pieces of data, such as the IP address of the machine
  • Configuration of the variables
  • Definition of custom data aggregation logics, if necessary, starting from predefined templates
  • Configuration of the graphical interface (with customizable objects, branding, images)
  • Definition of data backup and/or historicization logics, starting from predefined templates
  • Optional integration with third-party systems such as ERP or MES