Lyra is a suite of application modules that allows you to integrate all the processes of collecting, management and consolidation of commercial information relating to the link between a company and its customers in a single operational tool, powerful and flexible, which represents a real added value for users of the system.

From Prospect Management, to the Commercial Product Configurator, to automatic production of multilingual Offers up Care Aftermarket, all steps of a business relationship are organically monitored and managed.

Aries is a web-based Software application addressed to the Operational Management of the sales force in all its components, from the Executive Corporate Functions, to the Referrals of Area or Branch, up to Agents in the territory.

The Software application allows you to make easier and efficient the activity of the Sales Network. The Loading Orders process is optimized and simplified, freeing the Agent of the use of pape.

Helios it’s Softeam ERP Software solution for small and medium Enterprises to monitor and manage all business processes. From Accounting, to Purchasing, Warehouse up from the Production, all the information involved in business processes are managed by Helios organically, simply and reliably.

Helios modular design and the simple configurability allow to guide the company during all phases of development in a simple and complete environment designed to facilitate daily activities. Helios enables multi-language and multi-business management based on autonomus database in which user profiles are defined for selectively enabling the various operational units.

Dorado is a web-based application for WorkTime Accounting management allowing to report in a simple way the allocation of human resources working time. In addition with Dorado you can manage formally and fiscally all issues related to business trips of your employees and collaborators , including Expense and Reporting of Activities.